About Katy

Katy was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and became a new Australian when she was 10.

Her latest project is an adult novel inspired by the iconic nude artwork Chloe, a painting which has beguiled (and at times, scandalised) several generations of  Australians. Katy has taken two research trips to France where she explored in the archives (and cafes and patisseries) of Paris, unearthing the secret history of the infamous painting that has hijacked her imagination for over a decade. She gained entry to the fourth-floor studio where Jules Lefebvre created Chloe during the winter of 1874/75, and wrote early drafts of her novel at historical sites around Montmartre. She also visited the Somme region of northern France, particularly Albert, Amiens, Peronne and Villers- Bretonneux, to carry out research for the World War One thread of Capturing Chloe.

Katy regularly presents author talks and creative writing workshops for young people and adults.  A passion for history inspires much of her work - she loves unlocking the secrets of the past through research, visual arts and creative writing.

She lives with her husband and family in Safety Bay, Western Australia.