• Winner Avis Page Award
    West Australian Young Readers' Book Awards 2002
    Highest ranked Australian novel - Older Readers' Category
  • Inclusion in Melbourne City Library's Collections of Desire
    Selected by prominent Melburnians

‘Tell me, Juice. Have you forgotten what you're here for?'
    My face was burning.
    ‘Listen,' Wiz said. ‘Every night I
get phone calls, kids wanting to join my
squad. And d'you know what I say?'
    ‘I tell them straight. I don't need dreamers.
They only waste my time. If they want a
place in my squad, I need total commitment.
Maybe you'd better think about it, Juice. Do
you understand what commitment means?'
    ‘Of course,' I said. ‘And I am committed.'
    ‘Committed to what? Committed to your sport?
Or committed to your hormones?'

Jenna Stewart - Juice - and her friends are young athletes with dreams of success at the highest level. Juice has her sights set on gold in the Olympic one hundred metres, but rivalry with her oldest friend Sam, the demands of study, her mother's embarrassing secret, and the imminent departure of her accordion-playing gran threaten to get in the way.

And then there's Von - at first they're just training partners but something happens, and suddenly Juice can't get him out of her mind.

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