What the critics said about mama's trippin'

... absorbing and believably voiced ... Watson-Kell's respect and first-hand experience of the island and its people shows through her sensitive portrayal of Von's spiritual awakening.
Sydney Morning Herald

Sunday Age - Melbourne

The author successfully incorporates history of the New Zealand Moriori people of the Chatham Islands into the story-line and Von's awakening to his ancestral history.

Mama's Trippin' is a great read for boys, showing the full range of emotions open to boys and men while taking us on a riveting adventure with Von at the helm.
Fiction Focus

Mama's Trippin' encapsulates the shifting sands of growing up in a world where nothing is certain ... This gripping novel captures the anguish of family responsibilities and a youth's rite of passage.
Fremantle Gazette

His journey is a riveting read of sadness, joy, suspense and discovery, peppered with interesting people.

Watson-Kell draws a detailed, engaging picture of a sixteen year old trying to make sense of and survive in an adult world, where adults who have made easy choices rather than right choices influence his actions and decisions.

This wonderful read will leave you feeling as Von did when he said, "Let this feeling last forever."
Darwin City Libraries

Enriched with strong characters, credible dialogue and relationships and an unusual setting, this is an engrossing and exciting personal journey into a little-known culture. 2006 Judges Report
Western Australian Premier's Awards

What the critics said about juice

Watson delivers a heated story, filled with sweat, adrenaline, simmering hormones, and modern Aussie slang that is sure to have American teens trying out lingo like "Macca," "mate," and "footy." Athletic girls are still in lamentably short supply in fiction for young people, and many readers will relish a run with Juice.
University of Illinois, Graduate School of Library and Information Science

Watson's style is to reveal Juice's selfishness to us, the readers, and to the other characters in her snappy novel, but to keep Juice blissfully in the dark - until the final race. And, if you're not reading it to find out whether or not she beats the record time, you'll be madly turning the pages to find out if she does, finally grow up.
The West Australian